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Small Business Assistance







The services provided to small business by Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise are funded by the Australian Government.

TSBE is a partner for delivery of small business assistance with the Federal Government’s range of interactive tools and tailored programs.

Small businesses are a vital part of the Australian economy, accounting for around 96 per cent of all businesses and about five million private sector jobs in Australia. By its nature the small business sector is dynamic, with large numbers of business start-ups and closures each year. The ability to access information, advice, knowledge and experience enhances the likelihood of businesses being able to achieve sustainability, productivity and growth.

Our Toowoomba and Surat Basin small business community has experienced unexpected challenges brought about by major flood events.

In mid 2013, the Federal government announced that TSBE’s funding bid through the Small Business Advisory Services Program Queensland Natural Disaster Assistance (SBAS-QNDA) round had been successful.

Along with collaborator and partner the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the program of work will include an ongoing series of 54 small business workshops aimed at assisting small businesses which have had significant interruption to operations. These interruptions have been caused sometimes through downtime caused by flood inundation and restoration work, other times by interruption to daily operations, or closure of transport and logistics networks all of which impacts on business.

The Business Assistance Program, now made possible by the provision of Federal funding assistance for businesses across the Surat Basin region, is specifically around providing small businesses (eligible with 20 staff or less) with the tools, skills and advice to become better equipped to manage risk. The proposal focused on those areas of small business most under pressure when quick changes to operational and organizational circumstances occur, particularly in relation to Natural Disaster events.

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Ongoing Assistance for Small Business

TSBE is also able to now introduce the public and business community to a useful webpage from the Federal Government regarding small business assistance:

For Online support and downloadable content for small business improvement CLICK HERE or enquire on (07) 4639 4600.


Tailored Advisory Services for Australian Business

Entrepreneur’s Infrastructure Programme

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Additional targeted services of Enterprise Connect include:

Referred to as a company’s Resource Industry Supply Chain Index (“RISCI”) is a framework to assess a company’s capability and readiness to enter a Resource Supply Chain. There are 92 questions to assess a company’s capability and readiness to enter (or grow) participation in a Resource Supply Chain. Based on Resource Sector tender pre-qualification documents the questions measure a) Business Capability as required by the Resource Sector, b) Market Readiness required to enter the Resource Sector. Key issues assessed are Safety, Quality, Estimating & Tendering, Scheduling & Delivery, Project Management, Environment and so on.

Supply Chain Panels – Businesses can engage in activities comprising mentoring from experienced leaders from within the local Supply Chain with in-depth knowledge of the business attributes required for success in this market.

For eligible businesses needing to undertake R&D, Enterprise Connect have a mechanism of assistance. The Researchers in Business program provides funding of up to $50,000 to employ public sector researcher to work on the project.

Technology and Knowledge Connect – Small to medium enterprise can gain access to product and industry knowledge collated from representatives of Enterprise Connect’s Technology and Knowledge centre.

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