400M Ag & Food Innovation Forum

400M Ag & Food Innovation Forum - 2018

Innovation eco-systems require strong investment in order to function. In Australia, we are on the cusp of an ‘ideas boom’. This boom is contingent on connecting our brightest innovators with the region’s most influential investors to accelerate the next generation of agricultural productivity, production specialisation and sustainability.

The future of agriculture lies in the adoption of new systems and technologies that are capable of streamlining every aspect of production and supply. Investor awareness and appetite will largely determine how quickly we can harness innovation to reach this future and seize the vast number of opportunities on offer.

Following the success of the inaugural 400M AgTech Investment Forum in 2016 and 2017, Food Leaders Australia (FLA) modeled this event on the highly successful investment-focused events in the US and Europe. 400M is the flagship 2018 event for understanding the future of AgTech in the Asia-Pacific.

Why attend?

To join national and international innovators, venture capitalist investors, agribusiness leaders, potential collaborators, policymakers and other key players in AgTech in the Asia-Pacific for a full day of thought-provoking discussion. 

This event is a 'fire-starter' for the convergence of diverse technology solutions and investment to drive the next level of productivity and sustainability for agriculture. With a strong focus on quality, not quantity, the 400M AgTech forum features:
1. Keynote presentations
2. Panel discussions
3. AgTech pitches
4. Interactive Q&A Opportunities 
5. Night-time networking event
6. A showcase of the latest technologies taking the AgTech scene by storm

400M is hosted in Toowoomba, Australia's leading agriculture region in production and innovation. Toowoomba is one of Australia's largest inland regional cities, with its very own internationally-capable airport, Wellcamp Airport 17km from Toowoomba's CBD, with direct flights available to and from major cities. 

Given the region's strategic location, agricultural and innovation strengths, transport and logistics capabilities, and access to leading regional education institutions - Toowoomba is the ideal location to host the 400M AgTech Forum. 

If you have an inquiry or would like some more information, please contact Bruce.