Westfund Let's Shape Up - Darling Downs

Our health impacts on our ability to play an effective role at our place of work. Our current lifestyle has meant that ill health is on the rise in the Australian workforce which has a major effect on productivity of workplaces.

The world of work is changing and technology is disrupting, new business models are evolving and expectations of employees are rising.

Businesses need to respond by becoming more agile and productive, and by embedding health and wellbeing into their culture.

Westfund Let’s Shape Up Darling Downs is a new initiative designed to promote wellness in the workplace and provide sustainable outcomes for businesses.

Healthy employees record fewer sick days, are more productive and engage better with colleagues and customers and this initiative promotes positive lifestyle changes to improve the health and wellbeing of workers.

This is a chance for people and companies to transform the way we stay healthy, happy and productive at work.

The cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion per year and risk factors for chronic disease have their own associated impacts on productivity, and 96% of working-age people in Australia reported having at least one health risk factor for chronic disease.  

One of the components of this initiative is My health for life (MH4L) which is a six month workplace program delivered over six sessions aimed at people at high risk of chronic disease. Workplace wellness programs can result in reductions in work-related ill health and injuries, lower workers compensation costs, and a decrease in staff absenteeism.

MH4L health checks are designed to provide people with an overall picture of their health, including their risk of developing a chronic disease. The health check identifies factors that a staff member may be able to work on to decrease their risk of developing a chronic disease in the future.

To get involved in this program you can contact Jaden Frame, General Manager of TSBE Health on jaden@tsbe.com.au.