Board Members

Shane Charles - Chairman

Shane was the inaugural CEO of TSBE, having held the position from 2012 until 2015, before stepping into an active  Chairman role of TSBE.

Prior to TSBE, Shane had 20 years’ experience in legal practice, in general commercial and business law, estate and succession planning, including being a partner in his own practise for 10 of those years.

Shane has long been a community leader and has remained at the forefront of advocating for and delivering infrastructure development in the Toowoomba and Surat Basin region.

Shane currently holds the position of Chairman of Sunrise Way Rehabilitation Limited, President of the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland and is also a Non-Executive Director at Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA).  He has previously held roles including as Chairman of Stanwell Corporation Limited, as Chairman of the Endeavour Foundation, and as a commissioner of the GasFields Commission of Queensland.

John Moncrieff - Director

Appointed to the Board 30/05/2012

As an enthusiastic Board member of the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise, John enjoys contributing to the advancement of the region and watching it grow.

John has over 30 years’ experience in leadership roles in the financial services industry, mostly as Chief Executive Officer of a large division of WHK Limited, where he oversaw the transformation of that business from a regional partnership into a leading firm in the largest listed Accounting group in the country. He also sat on the Quality Control and Risk Management Steering Committee, the IT Steering Committee and the HR Steering Committee of that listed company. He completed the WHK Executive Development programme and sat on the Groups Advisory Committee. John has worked in all areas of business from advising micro companies through to senior management positions in a listed company. This experience has given John valuable insights into what makes businesses work and which areas need change in order for them to be successful.

For the last two years John has been advising small and medium businesses in most cases as a Board member, but also as an advisor and consultant.

Andrew Kibble - Director

Appointed to the Board 10/10/2013

Andrew Kibble is the Managing Director of Wideland Group and Avis SW QLD and NW NSW.

Andrew brings the strength of an independent opinion to the TSBE board.

Andrew is passionate about focusing on infrastructure, agriculture and tourism in the region.    

Finally, Andrew was motivated to join the TSBE board to improve the opportunities for young people in Toowoomba and the region.

Lisa France - Director

Appointed to the board on 22/10/2015

Lisa is a qualified Environmental Scientist who has worked in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom on mining and infrastructure projects. Lisa's experience primarily involves project approvals, stakeholder management and environmental impact assessment and management.

In 2012-2015 Lisa was elected to the Queensland Parliament as the State Member for Pumicestone. During this time, Lisa served Queensland in the role of Assistant Minister for Natural Resources and Mines where she was responsible for the development of the Coal Seam Gas industry, Queensland’s 15,000 abandoned mines and a member of the Resources Cabinet Committee. Lisa was promoted to Assistant Minister for Finance, Administration and Red Tape Reduction in 2014-2015 and also served as the chair of the Social Services Board.

Lisa is a strong advocate for the CSG Industry and is passionate about working in industry to ensure co-existence with landholders, communities and a suitable future for resources development.

Lisa joined Hatch in 2015 as the Director of Natural Gas, Australia Asia and is based in Queensland.

Mayor Paul Antonio - Ex-Officio Director

Appointed to the Board as Ex-Officio Director

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio has been Mayor of the region since 2012. Bringing more than 30 years of local government experience to the role, Paul was previously the Deputy Mayor of the Toowoomba Regional Council in its first amalgamated term, and Mayor of Millmerran Shire Council for eight years, having served continuously on Council from 1982-2008.

As Mayor of one of Australia's most family friendly cities, Paul leads the region at a time of intense growth and development. The current and projected spend in the broader region is estimated at more than $11 billion dollars which includes the construction of the much anticipated Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, one of Australia's largest ever inland road projects.

Paul is the founding Chair of the Darling Downs South West Queensland Council of Mayors and Deputy Chair of the Council of Mayors South East Queensland, which collectively represents one in seven Australians.

Mayor Antonio continues to advocate for Toowoomba's place on the planned Brisbane to Melbourne Inland Rail Line and is an executive member of the alliance of Local Governments likely to be impacted by the project. Paul is also leading the business community to position Toowoomba as the transport and logistics hub of Queensland and Australia.

Other significant initiatives delivered under Paul's leadership include an extensive flood recovery and mitigation program for Toowoomba following the devastating floods of 2011 and 2013; declaration of the region as a Refugee Welcome Zone; and hosting one of Queensland's largest White Ribbon Day events promoting peace, particularly in families and homes.

Paul holds a Diploma of Agriculture, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has held a number of board positions.

Serving as patron of a number of local associations, Paul is also a White Ribbon Ambassador.

In his time away from Council Paul continues his interest in the family farming operation west of Millmerran concentrating on the production of Angus beef and grain.

Brian Pidgeon - Ex-Officio Director

Appointed to the Board as Ex-Officio Director

Brian Pidgeon has over 35 years' experience in local government, as well as extensive management experience and professional qualifications in evironmental health.

Brian joined Toowoomba City Council as the Manager of Health Services before being appointed in October 1998 to the position of Director of Community and Environmental Services where he was responsible for Library and Cultural Services, Community Development and Facilities, Parks and Recreation, Property Management, Tourism and Events and Environmental Health Services. Prior to this, Brian worked at Ipswich City Council in various environmental health roles and as a manager of waste services.

Brian was the General Manager of Environment and Community Services at Toowoomba Regional Council prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer in July 2013. He leads a team of five General Managers, 27 Managers and overall staff across the region of approximately 1700.

Brian has three grown up children and is an avid motor sports enthusiast.

Stewart Morland - Director

Appointed to the board on 9/10/2014

Stewart Morland is a career downstream fuel marketer with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, who began his career in 1979 with Morland Petroleum, a downstream petroleum company established by his father Reginald Morland. This hands on experience across all facets of the petroleum industry provided Stewart with the necessary experience to establish his own fuel distribution company in 1990.

In 1996 Stewart embarked on a joint exploration petroleum project with IOR which led to the discovery of the Inland Oil Field PL98 in 1996 – one of the largest onshore oil fields in Australia at that time. Stewart went on to become a shareholder at IOR in 2004, and in 2013 became the majority owner of the company along with Ross Mackenzie.

As the proactive and innovative leader of the sales and marketing efforts within the company, Stewart has proudly seen the steady growth of IOR to over 90 talented staff; and the development of a strong brand synonymous with innovation, authenticity and exceptional customer service.

Through the efforts of the team at IOR, the company has been able to expand its product and service offering and now provides a diverse range of petroleum and fluid storage solutions throughout Australia to the transport, mining, municipal and rural sectors.

Rohan Gosstray - Director

Appointed to the board on 9/10/2014

Rohan Gosstray has worked in the media industry in regional, national and New Zealand markets and has held management positions with News Limited in Melbourne and INL (now Fairfax) in Wellington New Zealand as well as the independent Victorian regional media company McPherson Media.

He has worked closely with both small and large enterprises and now holds a senior executive role with News Regional Media (previously APN) a subsidiary of News Corporation.

Rohan has been the General Manager of the Toowoomba Chronicle for over a decade and is also the Regional General Manager of News Regional Media in South West Queensland.  

He has a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University in Melbourne and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Rohan is passionate about the region as he believes it provides a unique combination of regional lifestyle, innovation and exceptional commercial opportunities. 

He was motivated to join the TSBE board to contribute to the regions commercial success and community development.

Rohan resides in Toowoomba with his wife Andrea and their daughter.

Rob Hart - Director

Appointed to the Board on 22/10/2015

Rob is the Managing Director of Upscale Pastoral Fund.

Rob brings the strength of 18 years oil & gas experience including CSG Agri experience, Co-Chair – Qld Agribusiness Group and Norco/Agrium experience to the TSBE Board. Rob is also the President – Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry.

Rob is passionate about the region as he grew up in the region and wants his family to grow up in the region. Rob also wants to retain that country authenticity, with a vibrant diverse economic prosperity without diminishing the wonderful safe liveability of the area.

Rob was motivated to join the TSBE board to put back into the community and to ensure that the gas development in the region is done is a fair manner incorporating concerns about water, from landholders and local suppliers. Rob also is passionate about pushing the boundaries do what few other regions have ever done before.

Joe Wagner - Director

Appointed to the board on 22/10/15

Currently serving as a Director on the Board for the Wagner Group, Joe Wagner has over 20 years of experience in the development and management of a diverse range of businesses across the group.

With a trade background complemented by his extensive experience in the construction materials industry, Joe has successfully lead the establishment of new concrete and quarry businesses across Queensland and the Northern Territory, along with rail infrastructure and land development. As the Materials and Mining business grew, Joe went on to lead the overall project business across Australia which consisted of concrete, contract crushing, transport and precast.

Following the establishment and success of these new opportunities, Joe then went on to become Managing Director for the business for a period of three years. Joe currently supports the CEO for the Construction Materials business within the Wagner Group.

From here his diverse knowledge and experience within the industry assisted with the development of the innovative product, geopolymer concrete named Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) for international markets.

Joe is well known for his openness to honest and positive communication which has fostered a welcoming work environment that allows success for everyone involved. Born and raised in the region, Joe has a key interest in its future development and growth and holds a key attribute in the ability to identify emerging business opportunities for the region as a whole.

Kathryn McKeefry - Director

Appointed to the board on 15/01/18

Kathryn is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer for St Vincent's Private Hospital in Toowoomba. After leaving school, she trained as a registered nurse and worked in the field of Intensive care nursing in New Zealand, USA, Europe and Britain, before returning to New Zealand and completing Midwifery training. Kathryn then practiced for ten years in this role. From here Kathryn moved into administration and completed her MBS. Kathryn moved to Australia in 2009 to work in senior health roles in both Brisbane and Sydney before taking up the role CEO at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Toowoomba.