Oakey Community Consultation

6:00pm Wednesday, 21 June 2017
8:00pm Wednesday, 21 June 2017
Oakey RSL
76 Campbell Street
Oakey, Queensland 4401

Canadian Solar is hosting this consultation to provide updated information to the community, and work with local communities and government bodies so that all parties are aware of the Oakey Solar Farm project that will begin construction in June 2017. 

The Oakey Solar PV Project is located near Oakey, west of Toowoomba, adjacent to the Warrego Highway, intended to accommodate a large-scale solar PV system utilizing fixed tility, ground mounted photovoltaic systems which will generate energy throughout the day when it is needed most. Fixed-tilt has been selected for this project because this will provide the optimal outcome for the project in terms of delivering the most cost effective energy generation at this site. 

The Oakey Solar PV project will use Tier-1 Canadian Solar panels, tailored for projects of this calibre, and is renowned for quality and performance. The standards and systems ensure that they will always work with highly experienced and reliable partners to provide the complete design, engineering and construction packages. 

The site was selected following an extensive assessment of its access to grid; suitability of terrain, land use, road access, flooding constraints, local, state and federal planning laws, environmental controls, solar resource and community benefits.

Every Canadian Solar project is the result of a highly collaborative process. Their team of developers, engineers and site specialists work closely with local and regional community members and key stakeholders to manage projects through all stages of development including siting, permitting, design, construction and operation. 


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