Major Events

National Energy Summit - 12-13 July 2017

With the trilemma of identifying affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply a major concern for all Australians, the national energy summit created the perfect environment for a debate from all sides of politics and industry. One thing was made clear above all else and it is that a balance of energy is required for our country to prosper.

This inaugural National Energy Summit was facilitated by TSBE and addressed the issues as they related to energy policy development with the hope of charting the roadmap for a sustainable energy future for Australia, founded on prosperous regional economies.

There were approximately 178 attendees across both days.

400M AgTech Investment Forum - 18 May 2017

Following the success of the inaugural 400M AgTech Investment Forum in 2016, Food Leaders Australia (FLA) modeled the 2017 event on the highly successful investment-focused events in the US and Europe. 

The 2017 400M event showcased 13 innovative AgTech pitches that were seeking support from the investment community to enable that next to commercialisation.


Transport and Logistics Symposium - 27 February - 1 March 2017

Attracting over 180 attendees, the Transport and Logistics Symposium was key to exploring the breadth of opportunities that additional infrastructure investment will bring to Toowoomba and eastern Australia more broadly.

The 2017 event and associated media was developed to create a conversation around inland rail and the importance of infrastructure that cannot be ignored.

TTLS 2017 also identifed opportunities for local industry and encouraged further investment in the Transport and Logistics sector with Toowoomba shown to be a national freight hub.