Cool idea helping combat the heat

A Queensland company is offering a new way to chill out for workers across the world, which was originally designed for an international Olympic team.

The Weartek Cool Vest is worn tight to the body and has cool packs inside it which conduct heat away, helping to lower the core temperature.

Weartek Director, Nick Pearce said the new product is a pro-active control.

“When used in conjunction with other heat safety measures, the vest ensures the risk of heat related illness and injury is reduced significantly.”

The packs inside the vests contain vegetable bio matter, meaning it’s not freezing to touch and doesn’t drip or condensate like ice normally would.

The Cool Vest was recently showcased at TSBE’s Surat Basin Industry Classic Golf Day in Dalby.

TSBE General Manager of Energy and Infrastructure, Lance MacManus said it was great to see such innovation from businesses in our own backyard.

“We had dozens of people try out the Cool Vest while playing golf and the feedback has been fantastic.”

“The versatile product is designed to support and protect the safety of workers,” said Mr MacManus.

The vest will activate to a solid state in the fridge in 45 minutes, in the freezer in 20 minutes, and in an ice bath even faster.

Mr Pearce said the Cool Vest was originally designed for the Dutch Olympic Team and when the full benefits were seen it was obvious that it needed to be adapted for working people.

“At Weartek we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do to contribute to performance and safety in all areas of peoples working day” he said.

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