FLA Conference set to explore opportunities and innovation ahead for intensive agriculture

Producers from across the Darling Downs will join together to explore the opportunities and innovation ahead for intensive agriculture at a conference in February.

Food Leaders Australia (FLA) is hosting the Intensive Ag Conference to bring together the region’s beef, pork and poultry industries.

FLA general manager, Bruce McConnel, said the conference was set to explore a range of topics, including social license to operate, waste management, planning, government services and facility construction.

“The beef, pork and chicken industries have traditionally had limited interaction together, and while they all have barriers to production, they all share intensive agriculture principles,” Mr McConnel said.

“We want to accelerate development, provide a platform to bring together the industries to network and share best practice, and to work together in the future.”

Mr McConnel said this conference would be the first time that the three industries had joined together nationally to tackle their common problems.

FLA is dedicated to driving collaboration and bringing together industries with common goals. This conference will be staged in Dalby on the Western Downs.

Western Downs Regional Council Mayor, Cr Paul McVeigh, said this conference provided the opportunity to not only share information and resources, but to celebrate the innovation that's being made in one of the industries that has helped form Australia's “backbone”.

"Intensive agriculture in the Western Downs has absolutely flourished in recent years, and part of its strength is the supporting industries such as manufacturing, transport and distribution markets, that we are lucky enough to have here."

 “We have a range of speakers, including global commodity and industry leaders. They’ll share their understanding of future markets, trends, and offer insight across intensive agriculture practices,” Mr McConnel said.  

“This is a must-attend event for professional finance advisors to the sector, producers, operators, input suppliers, governments and exporters.”

“Intensive agriculture is critical to the economic success of the region, and we have some of the biggest producers for the country right here.”

"I believe there is nothing ahead but growth for intensive agriculture, and this FLA conference is going to shine a light on the huge advances being made in this space."

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