Inaugural Beef Cattle Husbandry Field Day

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) was proud to partner with Nutrien Ag Solutions to deliver the Beef Cattle Husbandry Field Day, at the TAFE Queensland Rural Centre of Excellence on November 13, 2020.

This field day is a first of its kind and highlighted the best practices in general animal husbandry, including the methods of application, new treatments and pain relief.

Presentations included practical demonstrations allowing attendees the chance to ask questions in the field and learn from experts and others experiences

TSBE FLA General Manager, Bruce McConnel, said the importance of animal husbandry methods and animal management is not to be underestimated as they impact health and production.

“This field day brought together beef producers to ensure they have up-to-date animal husbandry advice, equipment and best management practices in place for this vitally important part of their business.”  

“It was great to working alongside with Nutrien Ag Solutions who are an integral part of the Australian agricultural industry and committed to growing value through a world of innovation, practically applied,” said Mr McConnel.

Nutrien Ag Solutions, Western Qld and North West NSW General Manager, Damon Ferguson, said it is great to have a facility in town that allows livestock to be brought in to the CBD and easily connect with our clients and provide them a practical field day in partnership with TSBE.

“The field day provided a great opportunity to see the advanced technology that is happening in agriculture and showcase best practises and the exciting things that are happening in the industry,” said Mr Ferguson.

“In the Darling Downs we have very progressive producers who want to deliver the best products that we can in Australia and around the world.”

“We have an opportunity to show the world that we are fair dinkum about the products we produce and how we treat our animals.”

“We produce high value and sustainable products in the current climate, given we deal in such unpredictable climatic conditions, and it is all rolled up into a best practise and the most efficient way to be a producer,” said Mr Ferguson.

TAFE Queensland South West Director of Corporate Solutions, Michele Berkhout said the organisation was excited to work with industry and grow Queensland’s agricultural sector through workshops and training.

“The TAFE Queensland Rural Centre of Excellence delivers high-quality training to the State’s future rural industry workforce,” Ms Berkhout said.

“This year we have had a particular focus on Animal Studies and next year we will be expanding into Vet Nursing.”

“We’re really proud to work alongside industry groups like Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise and Nutrien Ag Solutions to promote animal husbandry methods,” she said.