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Australian Events delivers proven marketing opportunities for businesses and manufacturers.

The way in which individuals and businesses access information on products and services is rapidly changing. Similarly, the variety of options now available for businesses to market their products and services to new and existing customers has also changed and dramatically increased. Marketing options are vast and can be expensive with very few offering tangible ways in which to track the responses from potential customers as a result of that marketing.

Australian Events provide a unique marketing option for business that has been well and truly tested and proven to be highly successful. Australian Events bring manufacturers, retailers and suppliers together under a common banner or event theme and then finds the potential customers and delivers them to the event via a complex and targeted marketing strategy.

This allows businesses and potential consumers to meet and interact through consumer events and trade events. It gives businesses tangible ways in which to measure the response and feedback from the customer and also delivers information on consumer trends and better understand the wants and needs of the customers.

Australian Events owns and operates 15 consumer and trade events from the Gold Coast to Cairns and has an enviable reputation for being one of the best event companies in Australia, consistently delivering good results for business and industry.

It is a proven fact that events like the Surat Basin Energy and Mining Expo are where companies come to learn about local trends and opportunities, to network and establish important links to industry and also come to purchase goods and services. Trade events like the Expo give companies a unique platform where they can showcase who they are and what products and services they deliver to the local and regional marketplace.

The Surat Basin Energy and Mining Expo is the meeting place for those already active across the region and for those wanting to be a part of the action. For complete event information go to or freecall 1800 671 588.