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Westfund Health Insurance
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About Us

Westfund Health Insurance is a regional, not-for-profit health fund with locations across NSW and Queensland. Westfund is a wholly Australian-owned and operated fund with a presence in 12 towns and regional cities across the two states.

We exist for member benefit, not for shareholders and we are proud to support initiatives that promote health and wellbeing in our regional areas.

Westfund has members, not customers – so we treat you like a valued part of our extended family.

We operate in 12 regional localities (we offer 14 customer-facing operations) across NSW and Queensland, in conjunction with our Eye Care and Dental operations.

We have five Eye Care Centres across our network – as well as two state of the art dental centres. These centres have a focus on clinical diagnosis and service provision and are open to the public, as well as to our valued members.

Our call centres are located in Lithgow and Maroochydore.

Throughout 2017, Westfund has also created a Provider of Choice network for dental services – offering greater choice and no out of pocket costs on preventative services for members in several areas. This program will expand into the future with not only more dental contracts, but into other service providers including chiro and physio