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Frustrated with Work Injury Claims?

Many Queensland businesses feel frustrated with Worker’s Compensation claims due to the following reasons:

 Losing control of injury claims & the cost of them $$$$$.
 Limited understanding of their rights under Worker’s Compensation laws.
 Disconnect with the injured worker & their medical progress.
 Communication problems with the injury insurance companies - Not feeling listened to!
 Jargon! Complicated insurance decisions that are difficult to understand.
 Short staffed while injured worker is off work – claim dragging on!
 Lack of time & knowledge to fuss with suitable duties programs.
 The paperwork downtime!!

Want someone to take the bull by the horns?

 Want someone who saves you money - stops the leakage $$$$
 Want your workers back to productive work sooner?
 Want someone to fight for your rights as an employer?
 Want someone who understands the Workers’ Compensation system – cut to the chase!
 Want someone who can handle injury claims efficiently, without overheads!
 Want a calmer & more in-control approach to WorkCover injury claims in your business?

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