Feed Central meats up with FLA members for new event series

Producers, agribusiness specialists and those just wanting a sticky-beak will head to Feed Central next month as part of a new event series.

Food Leaders Australia is set to host its second Meat Up on August 3 as part of the new and popular format.

Meat Ups are a chance for guests to get a glimpse inside businesses, showrooms and paddocks across the region over a beer and a barbecue. 

Feed Central managing director Tim Ford said the company was an integral part of the beef and milk supply chain. 

“Within the domestic market we partner with some of the country’s largest Agribusinesses to deliver critical raw materials for their operations,” he said. 

“Feed Central has pioneered the quality assurance of hay; scientific Feed Testing; the sale by the tonne and long-term supply management to specific quality criteria. 

“Feed Central enjoys a number of international business associations for various aspects of the business including pioneering the supply of large volumes of hay into the Chinese market.”

 Mr Ford said Feed Central had been at the cutting edge of e-commerce within Agribusiness.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise executive chairman Shane Charles said the Meat Ups were a result of member feedback for casual, small group events.

The first Meat Up was held at Vanderfield, with Bruce Vandersee taking guests around his showroom and tractors.

Future Meat Up destinations in the 2017 calendar include Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Clearspan.

Click here to join the Meat Ups and get a glimpse of our region’s producers and innovators. And don’t forget to grab a snag