Wind Farm Capability

The Rise of Wind Farm Energy  

The worldwide push for renewable energy sources, lower power prices and the reduction of carbon-emitting fossil fuels is the driving force behind Australia’s expansion in wind farm developments. As wind farm numbers increase, it is anticipated that wind energy will capture a greater share of the total renewable energy target.

There are two phases in the life of a wind farm: construction and operation. The wind farm construction sector provides engineering, procurement and construction services for wind power generation projects. These are “major projects” and attract highly sophisticated operators who employ large numbers of skilled workers.

About The Wambo Wind Farm Capability Assessment   

The Wambo Wind Farm (project) is a proposed wind energy development located near Jandowae in the Western Downs region of Queensland. The two stage project, with the first stage due for completion in 2024, will feature up to 110 turbines contributing approximately 500MW of renewable energy to the national electricity grid. The site will also include a 50MW/200MWh battery storage and associated infrastructure. The project will help the Queensland Government reach its renewable energy generation target of 50 per cent by 2030 as the state transitions to a low carbon emissions future. Read more about Wambo Wind Farm here.

Wambo Wind Farm is focused on supporting the Western Downs by employing local labour, engaging local businesses and sourcing local supplies wherever possible. Wind farms are labour intensive during construction. Wambo Wind Farm will require around 200 workers during this phase. Once the project is operational, staffing is streamlined and there will be around 20 equivalent full-time staff required to maintain and manage the Wambo site. 

Cubico Sustainable Investments Australia is excited to be supporting local Queensland industry by building the Wambo Wind Farm while maximising local engagement. Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) along with Cubico, are committed to ensuring this project maximises as many opportunities for local companies and the community as possible. This can only be done by first understanding the capability required for each phase of a wind farm project, from here local businesses were encouraged to complete a capability questionnaire to map the region’s potential supply chain capacity to harness the opportunities for not just the Wambo Wind Farm, but also the many other wind farms which are looking to establish in the Southern Queensland region. 

The first stage of the Wambo Wind Farm is due to start construction this year (2022) with further stages to follow. The questionnaire has been distributed locally, state-wide and nationally for businesses to respond, providing visibility on upcoming opportunities. This report is made available to developers, EPC's, contractors and sub-contractors for the purposes to highlight regional capability. Please contact TSBE if you have any further questions. Read the media release here.

Click below to view the Wind Farm Capability Assessment: