Our Team

The TSBE team bring together a diverse range of skills to help our members maximise their business opportunities. 

Shane Charles - Executive Chairman

Shane was the inaugural CEO of TSBE, having held the position from 2012 until 2015, before stepping into an active Executive Chairman role of TSBE.

Shane holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Queensland University of Technology and has 20 years’ experience in legal practice, in general commercial and business law, estate and succession planning and held the position of Managing Director for Condon Charles Lawyers for over 10 years.

Shane has remained at the forefront of advocating for and delivering infrastructure development in the Toowoomba and Surat Basin region to maintain sustainability for the area and its residents. 
Shane currently holds the position of Chairman of Sunrise Way, Vice President of the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland and is also a Non-Executive Director at Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA).  He has previously held roles including as Chairman of Stanwell Corporation Limited, as Chairman of the Endeavour Foundation, and as a commissioner of the GasFields Commission of Queensland.

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E shane@tsbe.com.au

Reagan Parle - General Manager, Surat Basin Supply Chain

As General Manager for Surat Basin Supply Chain, Reagan acts as an intermediary and information source on major projects from the client side or the supplier side. The sectors of focus are the gas, coal, renewables and infrastructure sectors as well as supply chain management for the life of major projects. Reagan works to help businesses diversify into existing and new networks and typically works with general managers, procurement managers and business development executives to maximise outcomes.  

Reagan’s team work to secure corporate partnerships for TSBE, providing members with access to a range of delegations, top level research and advice around business opportunities. Reagan is a member of Queensland’s Local Content Leaders Group with the Queensland Resources Council as an advocate for improved supplier participation for local projects. Reagan also serves on committees incorporating business and council members to work through concerns and opportunities in the wider region, capturing information and providing analysis.

He has a professional background in precision manufacturing, retail and operations management and a Masters in Project Management.

With TSBE offices in Toowoomba, Chinchilla and Brisbane, Reagan is available to meet with member businesses to work through project information, supplier nomination, supply chain events and EOI development.

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E reagan@tsbe.com.au 


Liu Wen - Business Development Manager, China

As Food Leaders Australia grows to meet the export need and opportunity for producers in the Darling Downs, TSBE has taken the strategic direction to add a FLA China office in Shanghai. Wen Liu joined TSBE and FLA to support producers and exporters bridge the cultural and country divide with China. With the success of AccessChina, Wen is fielding a five-fold increase in requests for assistance from members looking to access the Asian market.

Before taking on her role with FLA, Wen worked for three years with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Canberra, Australia as a professional Mandarin tutor for Australian diplomats. During this time Wen built a strong familiarity and engagement with the bilateral Australia-China education, economic and trade subject matter. Returning to China in 2012, Wen trained diplomats at the Australian Embassy, Beijing before moving to Shanghai to work for AustCham Shanghai (Australian Chamber of Commerce). Wen is an instrumental and on-the-ground mediator for FLA trade relations in Shanghai.

Lance MacManus - Project Manager, Investments and Supply Chain

TSBE stretches from Toowoomba to Roma, and in order to service the region, Lance can be found across the Maranoa and Western Downs each fortnight, meeting with members and businesses as part of his role as Projects Manager for the Surat Basin Supply Chain and investments attraction. A Chinchilla office is also available for Lance to meet with members for business advisory. Supply chain engagement, tendering and investments opportunities are Lance’s specialties, a result of vast consultancy and management experience. While TSBE works with a wide range of industries across the region, Lance works to link regional business opportunities and tendering success in the resources, renewables, coal seam gas, mining, infrastructure and development sectors.

P 0427 935 987
E lance@tsbe.com.au

Stacey Burrell - Executive Officer

Stacey is a main-stay in the TSBE organization, joining the company from its inception in 2011 and driving its strategic direction through extensive development and growth. The Executive Officer role works to build the dynamic membership-driven success TSBE has become and works in a B2B capacity. As Executive Officer, Stacey oversees the media, marketing, membership and events staff, ensuring TSBE’s team are working to achieve the company’s goals. Stacey continues to see the company grow the region for its members and drive economic development to the Darling Downs. With a background in marketing and management, Stacey brings extensive understanding of the region’s challenges and industries and matches them with opportunity, networks and direction.

P 0488 770 408
E stacey@tsbe.com.au

Erin Kehoe-O'Shea - Marketing & Events Manager

Erin is the Marketing and Events Manager behind TSBE’s comprehensive annual events calendar, that includes monthly Enterprise Evenings, as well as three national conferences a year; Ag in the Asian Century, 400M and the Transport and Logistics Symposium. With more than a decade of experience working across a range of Toowoomba-based companies in marketing and account manager roles, Erin has grown an extensive network to equip her in creating creative and engaging events which maximise outcomes to attendees, speakers and businesses. Knowing the right venue and technical requirements to meet a tailored event and audience, Erin can execute corporate, social and charity functions for TSBE as well as member needs.

In 2016 Erin took on the extensive role of organisating AccessChina, a five-day trade mission to Shanghai taking about 200 delegates from the Darling Downs on site tours, events and a full-day conference. This successful event was a milestone in Erin’s career, and showed her flexibility to work independently and manage a team while liaising with airlines, airports, companies, delegates, translators and government officials. From small to large projects, Erin has showed herself to be dynamic, forward-thinking and creative in her approach to projects and marketing.

P 0408 928 616
E erin@tsbe.com.au


Katrina Rojek - Marketing and Events Assistant

Katrina is the Marketing and Events Assistant supporting TSBE's comprehensive annual events calendar. With the introduction of AccessChina in 2016 and AccessHongKong in 2017, TSBE's already extensive calendar took on a whole new milestone and as such Katrina readily jumped on board. With a professional history across a range of Toowoomba-based companies, Katrina has brought with her many years' experience within the hospitality and administration realm, as well as a background in Public Relations and Marketing. Along with our Marketing and Events Manager, Katrina is the go to for all event related enquiries. 

P 0499 022 551
E katrina@tsbe.com.au

Elouise Quinlivan - Media & Communications Officer

Elouise works to develop innovative and engaging media strategies to build business and community awareness of TSBE, FLA and its members. With a background in journalism, education and community development projects, Elouise uses her extensive network of media contacts to develop partnerships and promote the success and opportunities in the region. Elouise works to maximise media engagement and opportunities to give residents an understanding of the vital work in development and investment advocacy of TSBE and FLA. As a social media expert Elouise works to grow the promotion and engagement of businesses and stakeholders through targeted campaigns. Elouise produces TSBE communication materials including factsheets, reports, newsletters, promotional tools and releases. With a strong member base, Elouise works with Silver and above members with media assistance, photography and event promotion.

P 0419 980 518
E elouise@tsbe.com.au

Chelsea Miller - Office Manager

Chelsea has long been the face of TSBE, as the Finance Officer and first person to greet business people at the front counter. With four years working for the company, Chelsea has an inside-out knowledge of operations and account management to ensure the efficient running of TSBE. Chelsea is now the Office Manager, a role that also encompasses planning assistance for executive chairman Shane Charles. The role also reflects her multi-skilled talents with computer programs and technology. She continues her role in finance, and is the go-to person for invoicing and accounts.

P 07 4639 4600
E chelsea@tsbe.com.au 

Hayley Hoefler - Administration Assistant

Hayley is the Administration Assistant for TSBE. Joining the team in 2017, she has brought quite an extensive professional history to the role. Originally from Dalby, Hayley studied Fashion Design and Technology at the Sunshine Coast and decided to further her study by moving to Toowoomba to complete a Certificate in Business Administration with Financial components. Previous to her role at TSBE, Hayley ran a successful fashion boutique for two years, before deciding to make the career change into Administration. Hayley will be the first face you see when visiting our office, and is more than happy to help out with any enquiry you might have. 

P 07 4639 4600
E hayley@tsbe.com.au

Dr Ben Lyons - Consulting expert, Food Leaders Australia

As the premier agri-business region in Australia, the Darling Downs and wider region is in the midst of a food exports boom.  To enhance this exciting opportunity TSBE has developed a new initiative to support export and business development under Food Leaders Australia (FLA).

With almost two decades spent working in China across a range of industries including agri-business, education and research, Ben returned to Australia in 2015 to drive industry and innovation. Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin, Ben has an extensive network of contacts across Asia that he has used to secure partnerships and opportunity. This was built across almost five years as Deputy Chairman of AustCham (Australian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai).

FLA is committed to supporting the future sustainability of the region and works for its members to link them with emerging markets, build export capability, identify and incorporate innovation to increase profitability and competitiveness. Ben meets with members and works to accelerate their success through targeted/tailored development plans, information seminars, conferences, delegations and networking. He also holds a PhD in Economics