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About Us

With capabilities throughout the entire Australian fuel supply chain, IOR is one of the largest 100% Australian owned and operated refuelling and equipment providers in Australia. Committed to working closely with customers to understand their needs, IOR is known for delivering industry leading fuel distribution, fuel storage and fuel management solutions throughout regional Australia.

Core to IOR's business is its refuelling network, serving the needs of Australia's transport industry. IOR operates over 80 refuelling sites across Australia in strategic locations along major transport routes.
Innovation has been a hallmark of IOR’s approach to business growth and expansion and to meeting the needs of customers. IOR was a pioneer in fuel management technology in Australia having developed its own proprietary solution to be the key enabler behind IOR’s fully automated fuel networks.

IOR’s HyDip® technology provides businesses with real-time data on their fuel tank inventory and, through specialised and robust hardware, tracks and dispenses fuel to authorised users. After proving the technology’s value in IOR’s remote operations, it was then made available for third parties, customers, and industry to enhance the way they manage their fuel.

In addition to providing fuel management technology, IOR fabricates, commissions, and refurbishes all fuel storage tanks used on all IOR and customer sites at workshops throughout the country. We deliver high-quality Australian-made products that are setting up the next generation of fuel management solutions and supporting all our local partners and suppliers.

IOR is committed to delivering on the needs of our customers now and into the future.

With our eyes on the horizon we're focussed on providing customers fuel security, growing our fuel networks into the locations our customers need us most, and supporting Australia's transition to a low-carbon future.