Fuelling Australia
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About Us

At IOR, we have delivered on the simple things that have kept our customers moving for 40 years. Coming up with new ideas to solve everyday problems, sharing our success and growth with the community, and keeping our promises.
Since we commenced operations in 1984, we’ve grown with our customers, and we’ve been the fuelling force behind those industries critical to the lives of all Australians. Industries and businesses that put food on our plates, move goods from A to B, keep the lights on, and put a roof over our heads.
The secret to our success is in our people who know the importance of listening to our customers, delivering value, and serving our communities. Together, we can do anything. We get it done. We make it happen. And no job is too big or too small.
Our team are more than colleagues, we’re family. Committed, practical, and dynamic, we work together and find simple solutions to complex problems. Approaching each day through our values of Innovation: finding solutions, Our Communities: serving people, and Reliability: getting results, our team are focussed on delivering what really matters to our customers:
• Always having fuel in the tank.
• Reliable service, infrastructure, equipment, and technology.
• One supplier that can deliver everything a business needs to fuel up and keep going.
• Quality relationships and systems that make doing business easy.
• Being in the locations that our customers need us most.
• Giving back to the communities and industries that have been critical to our success.
We’re proud to be the only 100% Australian-owned fuel supplier who has operations throughout the entire fuel value chain: a crude oil refinery, two import terminals, a growing bulk fuel delivery fleet, on-road and on-airport fuel networks, fuel infrastructure manufacturing, and proprietary fuel management technology.
Core to our business is our on-road refuelling network, serving the needs of Australia’s transport industry. Our first location opened in Winton in 2005, and today operate over 100 locations from Brisbane to Perth, Darwin to Adelaide.
Our 40-year history has been an incredible journey. And the journey is far from over.
A hallmark of our success has been the emphasis placed on listening and collaborating with our customers and communities to deliver what they need to keep moving. Where our customers have a requirement for which a solution doesn’t yet exist, we have filled that gap. Indeed, IOR was a pioneer in unmanned and remote refuelling, we have developed proprietary fuel management and payment technology with capability like no other, and we have delivered an offer of value and control which cannot be matched.
As industry’s energy needs evolve, we look forward to working hand in hand with our customers and growing together as we aim to serve more people, in more places by always offering better value energy solutions.
No matter what the future holds, IOR will be Fuelling Australia and keeping our customers going and growing for another 40 years.