National Energy Summit presenters share insight into policy debate

Speakers at the upcoming National Energy Summit on July 12-13 in Toowoomba have shared their position on the countries trilemma of creating an energy mix that is affordable, sustainable and reliable.

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia; Queensland Senator Matthew Canavan

“The Coalition Government is focussed on keeping the lights on, keeping power prices low and reducing emissions.

“We are technology neutral. There's a role for any type of power generation that can keep our economy moving and lower emissions.

“The Toowoomba and Darling Downs region is an energy hub, with a range of projects from coal-fired power stations, to gas and renewables.  All of these are important to power our economy and create jobs.

AGL Energy Head of Economics, Policy and Sustainability Dr Tim Nelson

“It is incredibly important that governments, market operators, investors, utilities and local communities discuss how best to transition the electricity industry to a decarbonised future.

Developing a long-term policy roadmap will be important for ensuring the transition underway is achieved at lowest possible cost while maintaining system security.”  

icubed consulting Pty Ltd Principal Consultant Nick Canto

“Toowoomba and the Surat Basin are ideal locations for the development of renewable energy assets due to the region's extensive electrical Transmission Network, Road networks and the obviously available solar resource. 

“Above and beyond these factors the key attributes in selecting the Yarranlea site, over others was its proximity to a highly skilled and available workforce, a theme that can be readily replicated around the Region.”  

Western Downs Regional Council Deputy Mayor Councillor Andrew Smith

"Not only is the Western Downs riding the wave of renewable energies, we're leading the way when it comes to development opportunities and value-adding to what the resource industries are currently doing in the region.

"With solar and wind on the way, we're seeing the diversification of energy right on our doorstep with renewables being able to connect to the electricity grid thanks to the legacy of the CSG power infrastructure.

"We've got coal, gas, ethanol, solar and wind. This mix of energies along with our streamlined development application processes and quick turnarounds means the Western Downs is open for business.

"With our region at the forefront of diversified energy production, Council has an important role to play in establishing a sustainable energy future in Australia, and we look forward to taking our seat at the table at TSBE's inaugural National Energy Summit."

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