Environmental consultancy, biosecurity and agriculture in spotlight on Western Downs

For high-quality environmental solutions, AA&ES is the go-to company throughout the Darling Downs and Surat Basin regions. They offer turnkey solutions for all project related conservation and land management.

Foundation members Australian Agricultural & Environmental Solutions (AA&ES) have upgraded their Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise membership, re-joining as a Platinum member to further build their business profile and strategic awareness in the region.

Scientific best practice, innovation and dynamic leadership underpin the entrepreneurial spirit of this Chinchilla-based firm. AA&ES is renowned throughout the Surat Basin for their alignment of industry and sustainable agriculture with responsible environmental management. They have also provided leadership in the region for the promotion of practical workable biosecurity management plans.

Over the past decade, AA&ES co-directors Ursula and Steven Keating have seen continued growth and success. Proving the diverse scope of AA&ES capability, they are pre-qualified with Proponents and Tier 1 organisations fulfilling major contracts throughout the resource sector. Additionally, they service renewables and infrastructure projects, as well as the agricultural sector, plus have government contracts at both state and local levels.

The AA&ES team provides a diverse array of environmental solutions whether pre-project consultancy and compliance, ongoing conservation and land management or producing agricultural outcomes. Professional services include technical environmental consultancy, biosecurity and weed hygiene plus flora/fauna surveys, vegetation management and fauna spotter catcher services.  

Though Steve and Ursula Keating have substantial private industry experience, their considerable expertise is founded on extensive ecological education and significant tenures with related federal and state government departments. Regularly providing nationally accredited biosecurity training, they are also called on as guest speakers on biosecurity issues for a wide range of industry events.

AA&ES maintains a practical, realistic perspective towards project needs. Their down-to-earth approach is deeply rooted in their farming heritage.

“We have the land and agriculture in our blood and are proud of it,” Mr Keating said.

Having worked with proponents in the coal seam gas industry, he said “co-existence is the key to a sustainable region.”

Mr Keating said as members of TSBE since inception, they have leveraged their membership in building a network of potential clients and
“We made an effort to put ourselves in front of proponents and major contractors and backed our abilities,” he said.

Strategically, AA&ES has inbuilt operational flexibility, enabling rapid adaption as regional projects fluctuate and agricultural opportunities emerge, allowing their operation to continually break new ground.

In addition to environmental and resources sides of the business, AA&ES also run beef cattle on their agricultural estate, as they eye the Asian market. In 2016 they joined TSBE on Access China to Shanghai returning with an incredible outlook for small to medium size beef producers in the region.

Mr Keating said the long-term plan would be to export through the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport.

“At the end of the day we are passionate about our community, about biosecurity and responsible land management.”

For more information visit www.aaaes.com.au.