Food Leaders Australia secures world’s first Kiwi bird egg farm for the Downs

Flightless Kiwi birds will soon be spotted in Queensland thanks to the work of Food Leaders Australia (FLA), who has secured interest from one of New Zealand’s largest companies to develop the world’s first kiwi bird egg farm on the Darling Downs.

FLA’s General Manager, Bruce McConnel, said this innovative new partnership was a result of ongoing discussions with key Kiwi agribusinesses as part of the upcoming TSBE Access NZ delegation.

“We have been talking to some of New Zealand’s best producers to explore business opportunities to benefit our region. Through this ongoing advocacy we have secured interest for the world’s first kiwi bird egg farm to be established here in the Darling Downs,” Mr McConnel said.

“Around 85% of Queensland’s egg production occurs right here in the Darling Downs thanks to our rich soil and big open spaces. It is the perfect environment to begin kiwi bird egg production that can be exported direct to New Zealand, Australia and Asia thanks to our world-class road, rail and air connections,” Mr McConnel said.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries identified the egg production market was worth more than $202 million for the Queensland economy in 2014-15, with the most significant and successful farms located in the Darling Downs region.

It’s estimated egg farmers produce around 15 million eggs every single day to feed Australian families.

Kiwi birds produce eggs ten-times larger than the size of an average hen’s egg and feature a higher yolk yield of 65 per cent per egg compared to only 35-40 per cent in the average bird egg.


The small flightless bird lays the largest eggs in proportion to its body size compared to any other bird in the world.

Further details of the Darling Downs kiwi bird egg farm will be released during the upcoming Access NZ delegation in June 2018.

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