TSBE’s new Chairman outlines future focus for the organisation

Dr John McVeigh was recently appointed as the new Chairman for the economic development organisation, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) at their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Dr McVeigh said he was honoured to be taking over the role as Chair of TSBE and thanked the Board for their support.

“As Chair of TSBE, my goal is to work with the Board to provide strategic direction to the organisation and ensure TSBE is always looking for new opportunities,” said Prof McVeigh.   

“The future of this region is exciting with many opportunities for growth on the horizon.”

“TSBE is working hard to grow our economy by linking local businesses with energy and infrastructure projects, helping our agriculture industry export, innovate and learn and working with the major players in healthcare.”

“There are six major areas of focus of TSBE over the next 2-5 years which were set down in our strategic planning in February 2021”.

“Number one focus is on increasing the region’s sustainability which will include working with businesses to understand and lower their carbon emissions.”

“With this in mind TSBE will hold a carbon-reduction focused event in 2022 and will continue to work on programs to lower waste.”

“TSBE’s goal is to enable businesses to understand their carbon footprint so that they can lower emissions and implement waste reduction initiatives and we have achieved much on that front already.”

“The next area of focus is growing the energy sector in the region so we are known as the Energy Capital of Australia which includes attracting more renewable and hydrogen investment.”

“TSBE is setting up a hydrogen hub to connect local businesses to opportunities in hydrogen, which has the potential to decarbonise part of the energy sector.” 

“TSBE has long been a supporter of any project that can provide jobs and economic opportunities for locals and recognises the significance of the region’s energy sector in currently providing thousands of local jobs.” 

“The third area of focus is attracting skilled workers as we know how difficult it is to attract candidates for current job vacancies.”

“TSBE’s liveability publications such LIVE Toowoomba and LIVE Western Downs are helping to showcase the area and attract people to the region.”  

“The fourth focus area is finding ways to assist the manufacturing sector to grow following the TSBE report that was an Analysis of the Darling Downs Manufacturing Sector.”

“Number five area of focus is our role in advocating for more water infrastructure and water reduction innovation.”

“And last but definitely not least is TSBE’s focus on attracting more investment to the region.”

“These new areas of focus are in addition to TSBE’s current offering and activities including hosting over 60 networking opportunities over 12 months and connecting businesses with major opportunities.”

TSBE CEO Ali Davenport stated that she is delighted to welcome Dr McVeigh as he will bring a wealth of experience to the role.

“I’m sure John will be a huge asset to TSBE and look forward to working with him moving forward to help our region’s sustainability and to safeguard the future.”