Workshop discusses how to avoid biosecurity risks

Local farming businesses have been encouraged to continually review their biosecurity plan implementation performance, as a part of a small group discussion workshop, hosted by TSBE and TAFE Queensland.

The ‘On Farm Biosecurity for Animal Industries’ workshop highlighted risks that farms and businesses are exposed to, such as foot-and-mouth disease, African Swine Fever, and diseases endemic in the country such as Enzootic Pneumonia.

Guest speaker, Apiam Animal Health Swine and Poultry Business Manager, Dr Tom Harrison, said the workshop looked at the current global production animal disease situation, national, local, and farm health status issues and discussed the best biosecurity management practice protocols and plans for on-farm biosecurity risks across animal industries.

“It’s important for businesses to be updated on and understand current animal disease health trends at a global, national and local level.”

“It is essential for all animal production systems, regardless of size to implement best practice biosecurity management protocols in order to mitigate disease risk to their production system and the wider community,” said Mr Harrison.

Held at the Rural Centre of Excellence at the Toowoomba TAFE campus, the 3-hour workshop delved into requirements to allow law enforcement implementation of the recent changes to the QLD Biosecurity Act and outbreak preparedness and response.

Attendees were encouraged to continually review their biosecurity plan implementation performance and ensure that the business has a positive biosecurity culture across the workforce.

TSBE Food Leaders Australia General Manager, Bruce McConnel, said now is an essential time for everyone to be assessing their farm and business, and ensure all plans are up to date.

“Today more than ever, it is important to conduct regular ‘health checks’ across all areas of your business.”

“We are grateful that Apiam were able to share their knowledge on biosecurity management protocols to ensure all businesses are ready to deal with any risk that may come their way,” said Mr McConnel.