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Specialised Property Consulting

About Us

Specialised Property Consulting Pty Ltd is a high performing, strategic and client focused project management and development management consultancy servicing the property industry.

We have extensive experience in everything from small and simple property and projects, to large and complex projects. Our experience spans numerous sectors including Industrial, Food Processing, Agribusiness, Resources, Education, Health, Retail, Residential and Commercial. Our services include:

- Feasibility
- Business Case
- Transport Modelling
- Options Analysis

- Consultant Procurement
- Design Management
- Risk Identification & Management

- Project Management
- Development Management
- Contractor Procurement
- Construction Management
- Superintendency
- Client Representation
- Programming

If you identify a need, a risk or an opportunity in response to a change in your business that affects your property assets we can undertake the necessary analysis, explore the options and work to develop an optimal outcome after assessing the opportunities and the risks.

With you, we can develop a strategic direction, the investment drivers and business objectives that detail the planned response to the need, risk or opportunity. We can translate the strategy into a practical set of technical and aspirational needs which will capture the expected benefits and takes into account the issues, constraints and factors that may have an impact.

We can provide a clear definition of the project that satisfies the strategy and provides certainty for you by communicating a clear project scope, supporting statutory approvals, preparing a detailed cost estimate and feasibility; and supporting the case to invest/divest.

We can then provide the leadership and expertise to convert the Strategic Brief into a physical property. The potential value of the asset is captured in line with the Strategic Brief.