Wagner Corporation Pty Ltd

Wagner Corporation is a family owned Australian infrastructure and property development company with a rich history in the Toowoomba Region.
Wagner Corporation Pty Ltd

About Us

As proprietors of 5-year old Wellcamp Business Park and Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, Australia’s first greenfield public airport in almost 50 years and the first privately funded airport ever in the country, Wagner Corporation has successfully expanded the company’s capabilities into the aviation sector.

In September 2018 the Qantas Group announced Toowoomba in southern Queensland as the first of two regional locations for its new Pilot Academy, due to open its doors by mid-2019. The Academy, which will be delivered by Wagner Corporation at its Wellcamp Business Park site, is part of the Qantas Group’s strategy to build a long-term talent pipeline for its own airlines and help the broader industry meet the increasing need for skilled aviators.

As developers and owners of a 40-tonne Pinkenba Wharf on the Brisbane River and several key infrastructure assets, the company sets a high standard for intrepid development.

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