SQ Export Hub

The Southern Queensland Innovation in Export Hub (SQ Export Hub) is designed to maximise the efficiency of the new air, road and rail infrastructure within the region and leverage the export capabilities of Small and Medium business operating in the Food & Agribusiness and Oil, Gas and Energy Resource sectors.

The SQ Export Hub will enable TSBE to broaden the scope of its innovative food and agribusiness export services to the oil, gas and energy resource sector and broader region.

This project will embrace the region’s strong economic and industry growth, innovation and technological capabilities. It will increase production and global competitiveness leveraging off the region’s extensive investment in logistics infrastructure and further contribute to the establishment of the region as an international export hub.

The project will deliver export programs to SME exporters in the Food and Agribusiness and Oil, Gas and Energy Resources sectors over a four-year period, targeting companies in Southern Queensland.

With a focus on the Food & Agribusiness and Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Sectors, the SQ Export Hub will:

o   Build collaborative business networks which will help to harness opportunities in global markets

o   Boost the export capability of regional businesses, through supporting activities such as leveraging local infrastructure to scale business and access global markets

o   The SQ Export Hub will work closely with Growth Centres, FIAL and NERA to grow the regional capacity of SMEs, build their capabilities, gain national exposure and access foreign markets

o   The SQ Export Hub will work closely with Shell’s QGC Emerging Exporters Program to further add to the participants’ outcomes and see them become part of a larger export network within Southern Queensland.

The SQ Export Hub (food and agribusiness) is typically for agribusiness at the point of export and existing exporters looking for advanced advisory services to sustain their global offering.

For more information please contact Justin Heaven M: 0448 011 946 E: [email protected] or Helen Bates M: 0490 671 123 E: [email protected]

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